When it comes to fans, you are probably paying for
more power than you need.

Our range of fans have been specifically designed using modern aerodynamic and manufacturing principles. The result is cost-effective highly efficient fan designs that immediately start saving you money.

  • Advanced design improves efficiency with no loss of performance

  • Reduced noise and vibration

  • Extreme durability thanks to modern aerodynamic engineering, high specification materials and precise manufacture


AerotekFan products are designed to mimic the environments they are going into – hard working and functional.

We have a range of fans covering 800-1800mm, with 450-800mm currently in development.

Our designs are highly customizable: ask us.


Our products are axial flow impeller sets including hubs and blades, offering extremely high efficiency. Each impeller is manufactured from high specification aluminium, and is precision balanced to assure smooth operation.



A single 1500mm diameter fan installed on an existing motor asset in a blast freezer reduced the energy demand from 40kW/hr to 24kW/hr. Over the first two months of operation 40% less energy was consumed, saving 2t CO2-e of greenhouse gas emissions and $1200 power-savings ~ 6 months ROI.

AerotekFan is a startup with a new approach to industrial and commercial fan design and manufacture. Our product heritage originates with wind turbine and aircraft design and utilises modern aerodynamic principles, engineered cost reduction and high quality manufacture - leading to world class performance with a highly attractive return on investment.

Average power usage (kW/hr)

Accumulated savings with AerotekFan

Average savings $163.29 per week

Energy efficiency matters

Our products superior design offers significant power reduction potential without loss of airflow, pressure differential, or service life, AND our exclusive production process enables a ROI less than 2 years. For an 11kW fan, running a market typical 7000 hours annually, the power saving represents more than NZ$3,000 per year in cost reduction.