Thinking boldly about how we can move air in ways that create financial and sustainable benefits for you.


AerotekFan is a New Zealand owned, globally focused business with core strengths in moving air and innovating for our customers. We have a new approach to industrial fan design and manufacture. Our product heritage originates with wind turbine and aircraft design, and utilises modern aerodynamic principles, engineered cost reduction and high quality manufacture - leading to world class performance with a highly attractive
return on investment.

We challenge the status quo, think differently about moving air and how we serve our customers.  We listen and take a fresh approach.  We craft energy efficient fan solutions that perform.


Our future


Delivering functional solutions to clients that improve energy efficiency, optimise air flow performance, integrate intelligent design and improves reliability, delivering to our customers’ bottom line.  In doing this we will support the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to meet international commitments, increase energy productivity, reduce energy costs for businesses, and increase business competitiveness.

Circular Economy

Operating using circular economy principles will mean that we manufacture products using good quality materials that have been intentionally designed for ease of maintenance, repair, remanufacturing and, finally, recycling.  For AerotekFan, we make products that are “built to last” and that are easy to recycle when this is eventually required. It’s about maximising the life of products and getting as much value out of them as possible in between.  


We are people, products, and performance data working together to deliver energy and performance efficiency.

Our products and services are hardworking and functional, so that you can concentrate on your business knowing that your assets are working hard and delivering optimum performance.


Grant Sargent
Grant is an experienced product developer, bringing complex products from idea to production. He was founder of a successful robotic forklift company which was subsequently purchased by a global forklift brand, and co-founder of a fruit ripeness detection technology which is proving to be more sensitive than gas chromatography. Grant is building the business, gaining market access and building a sales force. He's leading the development of manufacturing methods to cost effectively produce reliable, high performance fans for a range of verticals.



Kirk Sargent
Business Development

Balazs Sebesteny
Software Architect

Kati Ohens
Digital Operations


Innovators is a full stack engineering service provider, developing concepts through to mass production. Innovators is developing the airflow meter, and managing the move toward mass-production.


Salvo is a technology-based incubator. It's providing business incubation services to help AerotekFan focus on building a step change in fan efficiency.