• Lightweight – Using less materials

  • Efficient – Optimizing airflow and power usage

  • Designed for manufacturing down to the component level

  • Designed to be recyclable

  • 800mm to 1800mm diameter

  • Operate at rated speeds up to 3000 RPM

  • Power rated up to 30kWU

  • Under development: a 450mm to 800mm diameter product range


adjustable pitch fans

In development: Tailoring performance to your needs - balancing power and performance.


REaltime airflow AND CONDITION monitoring

In development:  Our low cost web-based, mobile-optimised airflow and condition monitoring system measures airflow, pressure, temperature, humidity, vibration and power consumption.

Currently in trials with early clients, the system is designed to provide real time measurements, warnings, alarms and a history of results. It will allow maintenance to be scheduled when problems are detected, such as bearing failures, fan or hub imbalances, airflow, power quality or temperature issues.

Together, they can maximise performance and efficiency.


custom solutions

We can provide a full customisation service to suit your particular requirements and constraints. Do you need more airflow without increasing power? Is noise a problem? Contact us to see if a custom solution is right for you.